Invest in the MailPan® device through UTILE Marketplace to fight Type 1 Diabetes

Are you an investor in the health sector? Are you looking for an innovative and successful solution to invest in? Then, read about MailPan®!

MailPan® is a bio-artificial pancreas developed to fight current unmet medical needs of diabetic patients.

Today, patients affected by Type 1 Diabetes need to be treated with exogenous insulin anymore by means of sub-cutaneous injection using syringes, pens, pumps and artificial pancreas which couples a continuous glucose monitoring system with an external pump which injects the right amount of insulin according to the measured glycaemia. MailPan®, developed by Defymed, will make you forget all this.

This cell macro-encapsulation device is designed to encapsulate new sources of insulin-secreting cells, available in unlimited sources, without the need for immunosuppressive therapy. MailPan® shall autonomously and physiologically regulate the blood glucose level because the cells detect the level of glucose in the blood and release automatically the required amount of insulin. MailPan® significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

This innovative treatment will not need daily management or any related medication, is non-painful and discreet and made with non-biodegradable and biocompatible membranes which allow glucose and insulin pass freely through. Moreover, the cells can be replaced without the need for surgery, thanks to an input and output connection to the device.

MailPan® solution’s market potential is huge: In 2017, this population is estimated to 425 million diabetic patients (€665 billion in 2017 spent on diabetes related expenses) and all type 1 and 20% of type 2 (who need insulin injection) diabetic patients can recur to MailPan® by benefitting from total autonomy and physiological management of the disease. The objective is to out-license MailPan® for the Diabetes application to a big Pharma or a Big Medtech.

The company is also looking for 4 to 5 million euros to co-finance the development of its products towards clinical trials in the Diabetes field. The valuation of the MailPan® device will allow its customization in order to meet other therapeutic applications, such as Haemophilia or adrenocortical diseases.

MailPan®is waiting for your help! To learn more click here and contact to get in touch with MailPan® developers.