Aims & Methodology

Background of the UTILE project

A recent evaluation of FP7 projects, executed by the European Commission, showed that an estimated 80% of funded Health innovations is not commercialized within the project’s lifetime. Many ground-breaking innovations that have huge potential in improving European healthcare, do therefore not reach patients, doctors or hospitals! The UTILE project responds to this clear need.

The overall objective of UTILE is to defragment innovation supply and actively bring together both innovation providers and innovation developers, by setting-up an online Marketplace as a valorisation one-stop-shop. Additionally a value adding strategy will be developed to ensure the facilitation and catalysation of innovation to effective valorisation, as well as the development of a viable business case ensuring sustainability of the initiative.

To achieve these objectives UTILE is:

  • developing the online UTILE Marketplace;

  • evaluating the FP7 Health H2020 SC1 projects ended before January 2017 and add them to the online UTILE Marketplace;

  • developing and prove the innovation and support strategy;

  • developing a sustainable business strategy.

The UTILE evaluation methodology:

UTILE is following a smooth path to perform its evaluation activities, starting from the definition and selection of the evaluation criteria for the inclusion of the EU funded projects inside the Marketplace till the provision of the innovation and support services to the most promising projects.