ARE YOU…a researcher, innovator or EU project beneficiary?

Are you an innovator and/or do you have an FP7 Health or Horizon2020 SC1 project with potentially exploitable results? UTILE will provide you with an online Marketplace and services to improve the valorisation potential of health research projects and offer matchmaking opportunities with the industry and investors.

Through our marketplace you will be able to gain:

  • visibility towards peers
  • get in contact with investors and industry experts
  • access to a set of online and offline services, such as workshops and round tables, courses and trainings, ask for expertise
  • broaden your network and perform your the next research or development step(s)

Join the UTILE community and you will benefit of this set of services:

Access to a toolbox to improve your project results exploitation and commercialization skills. UTILE will build and make available a repository of online courses and best practices on “bringing research to market” to improve health research projects on exploitation and commercialization. Topics such as know-how on intellectual property rights, market potential, business plan development, commercialization strategies, funding and financing facilities, and more. These online courses will be available soon on the UTILE Marketplace and aim to give a basic understanding on exploitation issues.

Training services to improve exploitation and commercialization potential of relevant projects. UTILE provides support to projects with high valorisation potential in exploiting their results by providing training on exploitation issues and help them build their business plan as well as their exploitation and commercialization strategy. The training assistance offered by UTILE consists of:

  • Online training webinars that address topics like building exploitation plans/business plans and pitching projects to potential partners and investors. The webinars will be run by experts from the industry;
  • Training workshops and seminars that address valorisation topics matching the needs of the participating projects. The workshops are more hands on and allow the participating projects to get valuable advice from industry experts.

The UTILE courses toolbox is available on our platform at this link:

Support for business coaching. UTILE will also support projects by mobilizing industry experts who will act as mentors for selected projects with high exploitation potential and who need specific skills. UTILE will set up a mechanism to support selected projects to receive the individual coaching services from the industry experts by paying the costs of the mentoring. The terms of reference for the coaching services are published, take a look here!
Brokerage, partnering, investment and networking events. UTILE bring selected projects with high commercialization potential to brokerage, partnering, and investment events where all the players of the UTILE Marketplace (Research projects, industry experts, investors, policy makers) meet and can network to foster further collaboration and deal-making (investment, licensing etc.). UTILE also provide information services to the projects on the Marketplace and offer them special conditions to attend existing European events partnered with UTILE.