ARE YOU… a Business Developer, an Investor or an Entrepreneur?

Are you a business development executive, industry expert, investor or a stakeholder in the health sector innovation? And are you looking for biotech, pharma, biologicals, vaccines, diagnostics, medical devices, health technology, digital health or other promising research ideas, ready to commercialize?

Representatives from the most active Tech Transfer Offices in Health involved in UTILE will review 1200 finished FP7 Health and Horizon2020 Health related projects and identify those with high exploitation and commercial potential. These selected projects will be added to the UTILE Marketplace, waiting for you!

Through our Marketplace you will be able to:

  • have access to these pre-selected projects;
  • get in contact with researchers and innovators in the health sectors;
  • take part to a set of events, such as brokerage, partnering and investment events and meet researchers and innovators;
  • broaden your network and find new research or business partners.

Find new business opportunities by:

Joining the UTILE online Marketplace: The Marketplace is the place where all projects with potential for commercialisation will be listed. You can have access to this filtered list of projects and publish your own challenges to attract those relevant for you. As an innovation developer, then you will have access to interesting research results waiting for you.
Applying to join the Market & Stakeholder Advisory Committee: Joining the Market & Stakeholder Advisory Committee (MSAC) you will further assess those projects with high exploitation potential from a market interest point of view and thus potential for exploitation and take part in remote assessment meetings and consensus meetings that will take place preferably in conjunction with events organised by the consortium partners. To become a member of the MSAC, contact us here.
Taking part in webinars and workshops: UTILE provides its users with a set of services and events, such as webinars and workshops where you can meet with research projects with high commercialization potential and create synergies with them.
Taking part in brokerage, partnering and investment events: UTILE organises brokerage, partnering and investment events bringing together industry experts, investors and selected research projects with high commercialization potential to network and discuss potential deals. Don’t miss the chance to find new business opportunities!